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Serving at Mozaik

 If you're interested in volunteering short- or long-term, and creating lasting connections, we would love to connect with you!

Wether you have a heart for hospitality, teaching, climbing, or anything in between, you could be an invaluable addition to the Mozaik team.

Discussion Between Students

English Conversation Club Leaders

Are you a native English speaker and passionate about helping others? Join us 1-2 evenings per week as we lead discussions and build relationships with those who want to practice their English language skills.


Hospitality Team

Looking to spread warmth and joy to others? Join our Hospitality Team and help create a welcoming environment. Assist at the Berry Bar, help with food prep, event setup, and make people feel at home.

Rock Climbing Indoors

Climbing Team

Are you an experienced climber who enjoys helping others? Join the Climbing Team to support fellow climbers and promote safety at our indoor and outdoor climbing areas.

Get in Touch

For more details about these opportunities, fill out the form or contact us using the below information.

Mozaik Cultural Center

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