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Mozaik Climbing Gym

 Begin your climbing experience at Mozaik and embark on a thrilling adventure to conquer new heights. Whether you are a beginner looking to test your limits or a seasoned pro seeking a new challenge, Mozaik offers a diverse range of climbing routes to suit all skill levels. With experienced instructors on hand to guide you every step of the way, you can push yourself to new heights in a safe and supportive environment. So lace up your climbing shoes, chalk up your hands, and get ready to reach for the sky at Mozaik - where the only way is up!

Opening hours: Monday 17:00-21:30 & Tuesday-Friday 14:00-21:30

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Outdoor Climbing Wall

Our brand-new 16 meter high outdoor climbing wall offers multiple routes for a range of

skill levels.


Experience the thrill of ascending the wall while enjoying fresh air and breathtaking views.


Our experienced instructors are here to help you conquer new heights safely.

Indoor Bouldering Gym

Visit our bouldering area to improve your upper body and grip strength, in a fun and dynamic atmosphere.

Bouldering is rock climbing stripped down to its raw essentials. Leaving behind ropes and harnesses and just using climbing shoes over safety mats, your challenge is to climb tricky routes using balance, technique, strength and your brain.

The climbs are high enough to be exciting, but not so high that they're hugely intimidating. Using the safety mat means that the risks of falling off can be managed, and leaving the ropes behind means that you are free to concentrate on the climbing, not the equipment. It's just you, the wall, and your friends on the ground egging you on

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There are different memberships available

Begüm Kazazi

Mozaik Climbing Head Coach

Begüm Kazazi

Originally a Physical Education Teacher, Begüm Kazazi represented Turkiye as a national athlete at European and World Champions and later served as a national team coach. She currently continues her career as Mozaik Climbing head coach by providing climbing training at all levels.

Mozaik Climbing lessons pricelist

Workshops and

There are all kind of Workshops and Lessons available: Group lessons and Private lessons, specific for children or adults.

Please contact us for detailed information and lesson availabilities and schedule.

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Mozaik Climbing

+90 (0) 530 384 99 48

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