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Mozaik Climbing Gym

Our indoor bouldering area and outdoor climbing wall will be open soon, we can't wait!

With two of the best rock-climbing crags in all of Turkey located just a short drive away, our gym provides a place for practicing your climbing skills and brush up on strength training in-between your outdoor climbing excursions.


Outdoor Climbing Wall

Our brand-new outdoor climbing wall offers multiple routes for a range of skill levels.


Experience the thrill of ascending the wall while enjoying fresh air and breathtaking views.


Our experienced instructors are here to help you conquer new heights safely.

Indoor Bouldering Gym

Visit our bouldering area to improve your upper body and grip strength, in a fun and dynamic atmosphere.


When you're finished, visit the Berry Bar upstairs for a refreshing smoothie or grab a salad for your after-climb meal!


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Mozaik Climbing

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