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The Location

We are located in Konyaaltı, a rapidly expanding and vibrant area of Antalya. More than three quarters of those who live in the district are single; many longing for friendship and community. Akdeniz University is nearby, home of over 30,000 students, whom we hope to influence by times spent at Mozaik.

The Vision

A Place for Cultivation and Connection

Meeting and mingling with friends, learning and training the mind and body, and ministering to others. Our vision is to enrich the Turkish mosaic by interrelating people in God-honoring ways. In connection with the St. Paul Cultural Center, Mozaik seeks to fulfill the same vision in a new neighborhood.

Why Antalya?

Antalya is the fastest growing city in Turkey. James & Renata Bultema led the way in establishing the St. Paul Cultural Center in 1999, which still serves the community in numerous ways. Located further west, Mozaik seeks to fulfill the same vision in a new neighborhood, with expanded capacity for growth!

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