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The Vision

Our vision is to enrich the Turkish mosaic by interrelating people in God-honoring ways. Offering engaging activities, Mozaik will be a winsome space where such interrelating thrives. Those interested will be able to join worship services in various languages. Others may take advantage of out-of-the-ordinary educational and beneficial opportunities, and visit Mozaik’s new-wave coffee shop or juice bar during breaks.

For a detailed plan and layout, feel free to contact us.

Church Gatherings

Mozaik will be home to four different linguistic-based congregations: Turkish   (Antalya Bible Church), English, Russian, and Farsi.

Image by Sincerely Media

Coworking Office Space

With conference rooms, offices, and an open work area, this versatile space will serve both students and professionals as well as individuals and groups.

Image by Wes Hicks

Fitness        Facility

With the incredible climbing crags of Geyikbayırı and Masal Refuge just a short drive away, this gym will provide an introduction to the wonderful sport of rock-climbing. We also hope to provide space for other fitness activities.

Image by yns plt

Center for Theological Development

The CTD will provide a space and resources for deeper exploration into the Christian faith.


Oral History Recording Center

While this country's geography holds a wealth of history, the people of Turkey hold even more. With the Oral History Recording Center, we look forward to recording history, poetry, testimonies, stories, and songs at Mozaik.

Image by Jonathan Velasquez
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