The Stages

Four general stages will lead us to the Grand Opening of Mozaik. The current property-acquisition-and-planning stage will last through January 2021. The preconstruction stage will continue through at least August 2021. The construction stage is projected to last into September 2022. And the closeout stage will run on through the mid to late fall of 2022.

We are currently in the first stage. For this stage, we need a total of $660,000. To help us reach this goal, click here.

Our overall project financial need is $1.3 million. We are thankful for how far God has brought us and are excited to see God at work in each stage.

Stage 1

Property Acquisition

and Planning

While we raise the needed funds to complete the property purchase, we are organizing human resources for optimal leadership and execution of the project, as well as working out the concept and design of Mozaik.

Stage 2


During this stage, we will procure not only funding for the materials and labor, but also the actual resources and all necessary permits for the subsequent construction phase.

Stage 3


Ideally, construction of Mozaik will begin in September 2021 and finish in September 2022. Factors affecting the duration of this stage will be the number of non-working days due to weather and funding.

Stage 4


This stage will be constituted of the building inspection; issuance of the usage permit; occupancy; post-project review, ensuring that all contractual agreements have been fulfilled; and the project-completion report.

Stage 5

Grand Opening!

We hope you will be able to celebrate with us, in person, when we reach this stage. Tentatively, October 20th, 2020 will be the date for this grand opening event as we see what God has done and look forward to what he will do through the Mozaik Cultural Center.



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