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The Location

Though technically in western Antalya, Mozaik will be located in the city center. The university has over 30,000 students, many of whom are from other parts of Turkey, and some from other countries and continents. More than three quarters of those who live in the district are single, and many are longing for genuine friendship. What’s more, the best rock-climbing crags in all of Turkey are located just a short drive to the west.

Why Antalya?

When James & Renata Bultema moved to Antalya in 1996, it was the fastest growing city in Turkey. It still is, and will be throughout the next decade and beyond. James & Renata led the way in establishing the St. Paul Cultural Center in 1999, and it has served the community in numerous ways ever since. Located further west, Mozaik will fulfill the same vision as SPCC, but will serve synergistically a different clientele.

Image by Kutsal Amaç Kuruhan

Why Konyaaltı?

Konyaaltı is currently the fastest developing municipality of Antalya. Pınarbaşı, where Mozaik will be located, is its third largest neighbor-

hood, with an average age of 27 and a singlehood rate of 77%. Students who live in this area will eventually return to other cities, countries, and continents from which they came. We hope they return influenced by times spent at Mozaik, and as witnesses of what they experienced and learned.

Image by Naassom Azevedo
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