Frequently asked questions

What are ways I can get involved?

We are excited you're asking this question! There are several ways you can be involved in this project. Check out some of the ways here. If you have another idea in mind, please leave a message here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

When will this building be up and running?

If progress proceeds according to plan, the closeout stage of the project should be
completed and Mozaik operational by October 2022.

How is Mozaik connected to St. Paul Cultural Center in Antalya?

Legally, the SPCC and Mozaik are disconnected. Different entities own and will operate
each facility. However, some of the same people are involved in each venture. The two
cultural centers also facilitate the fulfillment of the same vision, mission, and goals, but the
activities on offer at each facility are distinct.

Who is behind Mozaik?

The people leading the endeavor are James and Renata Bultema, who have lived in Turkey
for 30 years and were largely behind the opening of the St. Paul Cultural Center in 1999. Of
course, they aren't doing this alone: they have an indispensable team of co-workers, and
people worldwide are investing in Mozaik for the good of Antalya and the glory of God.

How can I donate?

Thank you for considering this question. You can donate through PayPal (using credit or debit card as well) or by check. For more information, check out this page.

Why does Antalya need another Cultural Center?

The city of Antalya has grown from roughly 400,000 to 1.6 million residents since the St. Paul Cultural Center was first established in 1999. We want to expand the impact that SPCC has already had by serving a whole new area of of Antalya. Another cultural center will further enrich Antalya; will host, over time, thousands of visitors and customers; will fuel the work with increased profits; and will accelerate vision and mission fulfillment.